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2017 petrochemical industry development conference held in Dalian

2017-5-13 Read 3330

  In April 20th, the 2017 "petrochemical industry development conference" was held in Dalian. Participants believe that the industry to achieve green development, optimize the industrial layout and improve the quality of development should become the focus of this year and future industry development tasks. At the meeting, the six major plan of action for green development of China's petroleum and chemical industry, as well as the early warning report on the production capacity of key petrochemical products in 2017, will be of guiding significance to the development of the industry and become the two aspect.

  Chinese petroleum and chemical industry association president Li Shousheng pointed out in his speech, an important content of green development is the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure, and is an important means to promote the supply side structural reform, but also the long-term development of industry system engineering. This year the whole industry to adhere to in order to improve the quality and efficiency of development as the center, to promote the supply side structural reform, vigorously implement the innovation driven green and sustainable development strategy, accelerate the elimination of backward production capacity, promote the development of circular economy, green manufacturing, the implementation of cleaner production, improve resource utilization, reduce the "three wastes" emissions, provide high quality and high added value, low carbon green petrochemical products to society, and strive to achieve the supply side structural reform and industry restructuring breakthrough upgrade. This year the industry will make great efforts to seriously grasp five key work with global significance, including efforts to resolve the problem of excess production capacity, accelerate the development and growth of new industries, in-depth implementation of the six green action plan, promote "The Belt and Road international capacity cooperation and promoting the economy steady for the better.

  Lu Weisheng, deputy director of the national development and Reform Commission Department of industry on the layout of the petrochemical industry scale adjustment said: "in order to meet the requirement of safety and environmental protection, we commissioned Petrochemical Association is carrying out green development research of petrochemical industry, the next step will be with the Ministry of the preparation to promote the petrochemical industry green development guidance." He also pointed out that the development and Reform Commission this year, the focus of the work is to carry out the Yangtze River Economic Belt chemical pollution remediation special action, to fully assess the basic conditions of the Yangtze River economic belt within the scope of the chemical enterprises, focused on special rectification.

  Zhou Zhuye, vice president of the Petrochemical Association, read the six plan of action for the green development of China's oil and chemical industry at the meeting. He introduced the key tasks, plan technical measures and safeguard measures, and stressed the need to take this as an opportunity to guide the entire industry to raise awareness, enhance the green development initiative and creativity, the final construction of the implementation of a number of green projects, a group of green engineering, develop a number of green standards, the development of a number of green parks, cultivation a number of typical green, and strive to create a new situation in the development of green industry.

  Sun Weishan, vice president of the Federation of petrochemical industry, released the 2017 annual report on the production capacity of key petrochemical products. He said that in 2016, the utilization of key petrochemical products was stabilized and the average utilization ratio of the 25 major products was 69.1%, up 1.1 percentage points over the previous year. From 2016 on production capacity utilization, utilization rate increased 1.7 percentage points to the crude processing capacity, production capacity has achieved remarkable results; a substantial increase in the rate of capacity utilization rate of modern coal chemical projects; gradually become more rational use of bulk chemical products production capacity, profitability improved significantly; improve the capacity utilization rate of weak key organic chemical products; new chemical materials capacity utilization the rate of recovery. Sun Weishan also forecast the trend of industrial development. The key products of the capacity utilization rate forecast, 2017 key petrochemical production capacity expansion continues to slow, soda ash, PX scale production industry to maintain the level of 2016, the downstream areas of large petrochemical product demand will continue to maintain steady growth.

  At the forum, representatives from the industry, the Sinopec stock company, China Economic Research Institute of petroleum, Changzheng Engineering Corporation, the DuPont Co's share in innovation and green development experience. The conference was organized by the Federation of petrochemical industry, with nearly 700 ginseng from national ministries and commissions, professional associations, enterprises and research institutes.

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